Building Projects

Building your project creates an executable binary* which can then be run to perform tasks as programmed.

Due to differences in certain libraries such as Foundation behaving subtly differently on macOS and Linux, it is important to be able to "pre-flight" your builds before deployment.

Perfect Assistant integrates Docker into the build process, and when instructed to perform a "Linux build" your project is compiled on a Perfect-standardized build of Ubuntu 16 which includes tested and verified versions of specific client libraries. These same client libraries are present on the AWS AMI used in Perfect Assistant's deployment, ensuring a seemless transition of building to deployment.

Furthermore, because the build takes place on your macOS environment, no application source code is uploaded to the target deployment instances - only executable binaries and webroot assets.

* Note: a "library" project is not executable. The presence of a "main.swift" file in the project generally denotes the project as executable.

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