Creating Projects in Perfect Assistant

Perfect Assistant is the ringmaster of a number of different applications and processes that you will use to create or manage your Server Side Swift applications. 

These instructions guide you through the installation and setup steps after you have installed xCode 8.0+ and downloaded and opened Perfect Assistant, and downloaded and configured the dependencies of Docker and AWS. (If you haven't completed these, please see 'Installation')



Click "Create New Project" from the centre pane.

The new project panel opens with a selectino of templates, and examples.

The Basic templates are:

  • Perfect Template App: a simple Swift Package Manager server listening on port 8181 with a basic HTTP handler using command line configuration.
  • Empty Executable Project: an empty Swift Package Manager project producing an exectuble.
  • Empty Library Project: an empty Swift Package Manager project producing a library.
  • Custom Repository URL: create a new Swift Package Manager project using the URL of an existing Server Side Swift Git Repository. This will allow you to maintain and update your existing Server Side Swift projects.

You can also create a new project from one of the examples listed on the screen.

When you have selected your starting point for your project, click Next.

Setting up a directory for your Swift Package Manager (SPM)

The installer asks for the location of the directory to use for saving your SPM project. You can browse to an existing directory folder, or, create a new directory folder.

Note: The directory should be empty for a new project.

Next you are asked about Linux integration. This provides the ability to build both for macOS and Linux within the one build. It will also provide feedback that will simplify your debug cycle.

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