Adding Dependencies

Each project may require a specific set of dependencies. These can be easily extended through the Add Dependency button in the Project Dependencies workspace.

Once clicked, Add Dependency open the Swift Package Manager dependency panel requesting the location of the dependency repository via its Git URL.

The Git URL is located using the "Clone or Download" option of the Git repository you need. Copy the URL that is shown, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.


Categorizing Dependencies

Back in the Perfect Assistant, Add dependency screen, you have the option of categorizing the dependency. This will group them on the Perfect Assistant workspace to make finding and selecting them easier in future.

How Git-Based Dependencies are Updated

Swift package manager versions are made available by applying tags to the repository at commit points. When a new version is available it will populate the drop down on the Managing Projects panel.

Automated Dependency Updates

When you have specified '1.0.x' as your dependency, and a new version of 1.0 is made available, then1.0.1 will automatically update to the latest version, eg. 1.0.2, on a clean build.

Manual Dependency Updates

If you have specified '1.0.x' as your dependency, and a new version 2.0 is made available, then subsequent visits to the project in Perfect Assistant will display the new list of available tags. After switching selected versions and saving your changes, run a Build-Clean, then Build-Local to compile a new version that includes the  new dependency version. 

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